Adidas Boot Cream polish
Adidas Boot Cream polish

Adidas is a name that most boot repair shops trust on.

Adidas Boot Cream-based shoe polish.

The quality of the Adidas Boot Cream impressed me so much, and I found it one of the best I tested.

Best Adidas Shoe Polish Cream

What makes Adidas Boot Cream different is its quality of finish.

Adidas Boot Cream comes in a set with a brush and cloth, which is very helpful to use it smoothly.

This cream-based formula reaches very deep into the leather. Therefore, not only it shines your shoes but also nourishes them.

If your shoes are dry and old, give them a round of Adidas Boot Cream, and they’ll look new and fresh.

Over time, dry shoes tend to develop cracks in them. A coat of Adidas Boot Cream can revive then rapidly.

The use of essential oils in this boot polish cream gives immediate strength to your old shoes.

Adidas Boot Cream
Adidas Boot Cream

I’d go as far as saying that if you apply Adidas Boot Cream on your boots regularly from the day of purchase, you probably will double their lifespan while keeping them seem like new for a long time.

In short, Adidas Boot Cream is a wise option for both old and new boots. It also provides your shoes with some resistance to stains.

Furthermore, you do not have to remove the old polish to apply this cream.


  • Removes old polish
  • Gives your boots a natural shine
  • Nourishes old boots
  • Will make shoes last longer
  • Gives boots a premium look
  • Works on soft leather too
  • Will restore your shoes


  • Expensive compare to other options

Final words

If you are looking for a cream-based boot polish that is as simple to use, it does not better than Adidas Boot and Shoe cream.

Overall it’s a pricey option, but definitely worth the price.

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