Defunkify Odor Remover Spray
Defunkify Odor Remover Spray

Many people struggle with shoe smells.

The smell is worse when the weather is warm.

Sweating contributes to smelly shoes and feet. It can be embarrassing and bad mainly in public locations that need you to remove shoes, for example, yoga studio.

For this factor, there are many products providing shoe deodorizers for people with door issues. The products eradicate the bad smell and kill bacteria and fungi causing it.

About the product Defunkify Natural Shoe Deodorizer

Defunkify Natural Shoe Deodorizer Spray removes odor from gear, shoes, and fabrics.

First, high standard essential oils provide quick relief.

Then, Ionic silver gets activate, eliminating the source of the smell and stopping it from returning on your activewear.

Features Spray Instant Odor

Works on all stink

Great smell spray for shoes, pet beds, yoga mats, helmets, sports need, and more.

Color safe & residue-free

Looks and feels like new. Colors and whites stay bright.

Residue-free formula preserves performance and touch.

Aerosol free & better for everything

So, it is secure for all ages and you can enjoy it.

No, aerosol fake fragrances or other bad ingredients. Just safe and effective ingredients.

Fast homemade tips for deodorizing your spaces

Freshen up your car

Your vehicle has managed to be there for you whenever you required to make a trip to the vet, the recycling center, or the fast-food joint.

Anyway, it is unlikely that you want to be reminded of these trips every time you get within your car.

If you want to use a natural deodorizer on your vehicle, just place a potpourri wax tart into a cup holder.

The tarts, generally used in fragrance burners, can be simply found being sold by candle makers.

Freshen up your carpets

Big areas within your house are home susceptible to pick up the repugnant smells, mainly in high traffic walkthrough as well as spots where your pets enjoy taking a nap.

If you want to use a home deodorizer or natural deodorizer on your carpet, then start by coordinating off the area you want to deodorize and spray it liberally with a bit of baking soda.

First off by vacuuming the area for a few hours. If you are unable to keep every person away for that long, try doing a quarter of the rug at a time.

Freshen up your shoes

Your shoes can end up attracting a number of foul smells that seem impossible to get rid of.

Thankfully, there are ideas for you to have your shoes smelling just like they did the day you bought them when they were brand new.

If you want to use a natural deodorizer or a natural shoe deodorizer, just place them in the dryer for approximately 30 minutes, set on medium heat, using a home dry cleaning bag.


A shoe deodorizer or natural deodorizer will rightly tackle confined smell build-up and even go some way to soak up excess smells, anyway, it will not get rid of it altogether, you need to focus these areas frequently.

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