FRESH FEET by Fresh Body 4 oz Spray
FRESH FEET by Fresh Body 4 oz Spray

The fresh spray offers all-day odor-fighting protection.

Gathering the natural powder of 4 essential oils (Thyme, Spearmint, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus), and copper, Fresh Feet stops smell causing bacteria in its tracks!

  • Talc Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Made from essential oils
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Natural odor blockers

Spray in your shoes, on your toe, and in your socks.

Because it is a remarkable natural product, there are lots of other uses for Fresh Feet.

With the power of copper, it eliminates smell when exposed to oxygen and with its non-staining and non-sticky technique it can even be used as a room and car deodorizer leaving a new minty aroma.

Features FRESH FEET by Fresh Body 4 oz Spray

  • Fresh feet by the fresh body the same honest creator of Fresh Balls and Fresh Breasts antiperspirant lotions
  • Fresh feet 4 oz foot & shoe spray is made from essential oils like Tea Tree, Spearmint, and Eucalyptus.
  • Fresh feet offers all-day smell fighting protection by gathering the natural power of 4 essential copper and oils. Stops odor-causing bacteria in its tracks for naturally fresher feet.

Fresh feet odor spray

The foot odor spray is the top thing that has ever happened to people with foot odor issues.

Users are spoiled for choice since there are lots of types of foot spray in the market.

All you have to perform is identify which one works well for you.

FRESH FEET by Fresh Body 4 oz Spray by the trusted Creator of Fresh Balls
FRESH FEET by Fresh Body 4 oz Spray by the trusted Creator of Fresh Balls

The sprays work by absorbing the moisture trapped in your feet all through the day thus hindering bacteria from growing and making your feet smell.

People suffering from sweaty feet should purchase sprays that are antiperspirant to stop the formation of sweat.

There are lots of affordable sprays in the market. Once spray can go for as low as $5.

If you are not sure which foot smell spray to buy, get reviews from sites that advertise the sprays.

Many people will have commented on the effectiveness of the spray and you can plan on which to buy.

The spray is meant to also have a chilling effect and keep you relax the full day.

Get a spray that jobs even if you do not use in every day. It will be more affordable as you will not have to purchase it regularly.

Many people are being affordable and making their own foot smell sprays.

The sprays are also used on shoes overnight to provide them a perfect smell, keep them fresh, and stop the growth of bacteria.

While using the sprays, caution has to be taken because if the sprays enter into the eyes it can extremely irritating or worse lead to eye issues.

Forever use to spray rich inches from your face, and shake well before use. Spray at the top and bottom of the feet in between the toes for it to be effective.

Some people also spray their socks, before wearing them.

All this should be performed after you have washed your feet fully and dried them.

For effectiveness, use twice a day or as indicated on the can.

Last updated on April 25, 2021 8:47 pm