Huberd's Shoe Grease
Huberd's Shoe Grease

Remains apart in its unique effectiveness to renew leather and extend the comfort and life of boots, shoes, and all fine leather.

It contains no animal fats or solvents. Recommended for heavy work and outdoor gear and leather goods.

A.E. Huberd made his original Shoe Grease back in 1921. By 1929, Huberd’s Shoe Grease was a favorite with outdoorsmen throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Today, Huberd’s leather care products are sold worldwide.

Loyal customers and first-time users know that nothing protects and preserves their leather-like Huberds.

If your can has a date or code stamped on the bottom that is the ‘poured on’ or manufactured date. It’s used for tracking purposes.

We’ve received cans of Huberds that are decades old, opened them up, and successfully used them on leather.

Your can of Huberds is good to go for a LONG time.