LUMI Antibacterial Foot Spray
LUMI Antibacterial Foot Spray

A natural and safe way to freshen your boots and fight the bacteria and fungi that grow in sweaty boots.

Using LUMI Antibacterial foot spray will definitely prevent those embarrassing moments when you eliminate your cleats, not just that but LUMI is fine for several different uses that’ll bring a freshness to your cleats, your home, and even your gym back.

LUMI is one of the best-known brands of spray on the market and one of the finest smell control for cleats around.

Type and Content LUMI Antibacterial Foot Spray

LUMI outdoors Naturel boot deodorizer is a spray that incorporates several essential oils that work to prevent not just the smell made from germs and fungi but also helps to fight and prevent athletes’ foot.

The product is safe and natural to use, it’s strong enough to right your cleats of even the hardest smells.

LUMI Antibacterial Foot Spray
LUMI Antibacterial Foot Spray

The antifungal and antibacterial properties of LUMI will stop foot odors.

One of the finest odor sprays is the Antibacterial foot spray which contains several different essential oils including a mix of eucalyptus, tea tree, clove, peppermint, and lemongrass.

These ingredients are proven to freshen your boots and bring the fresh odor to your boots.

One of the finest products on the market that offer smell control for boots in an all-natural way.


  • Simple to use spray
  • Best for around the home
  • All-natural essential oils


  • Expensive

Final words

LUMI outdoor Antibacterial foot spray that contains several essential oils is designed to help to eliminate all those hazardous odors form your boots.

Sweaty feet cause your boots to become smelly and embracing, but no more with the LUMI Antibacterial foot spray.

It works well on boots, but only that, it’ll work to enhance your home even in your gym bag.

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