RocketPure Foot Odor Spray Review
RocketPure Foot Odor Spray Review

No need to be embarrassed if you suffer from smelly feet, a lot of other people have the same condition.

Pouring baby powder or walking with deodorant balls in your shoe can be uncomfortable. The powder is messy, and balls occupy space.

The best answer to your foot odor problem is spraying. Most people try out various therapies to kill the smell and end up frustrated.

At least you did not give up, and you finally have an answer, spray.

What is so special about this spray?

Spraying does not interfere with your daily routine. It is as easy as blowing your shoes, which only takes a few seconds, and you will be good the whole day.

A spray is also easy to carry along; it is flexible; you can fix it in your bag and be free to a sleepover with your friends.

Shoe sprays are growing in popularity around the world hence the increasing number of brands.

Not every spray will work for you. The scent or effect may not match your needs. This is why you need to find the best in the market. RocketPure offers the best shoe spray.


Unlike other odor sprays, the RocketPure model is not about sweetness or drawing attention. The spray breathes in fresh air into your shoe.

Most people get concerned with sprays because of strong scents that can cause headaches or discomfort.

The manufacturer here understands that it is all about freshness and not about creating an impression with shoe smell.

Another distinguishing feature of this foot odor spray is how it dries quickly.

Most people shy away from spraying because it makes the feet wet hence uncomfortable all through the day.

One of the reasons most people have smelly feet is too much moisture; therefore, adding water molecules won’t help with the moisture.

This is why the RocketPure spray is the best.

It guarantees you more than freshness. It ensures your feet remain dry all day long, hence no chance of developing an odor.

The spray replaces the cold air between your toes and confined air molecules in the shoe with fresh molecules. Typically, foot odor is because of confined air.

Also, too much moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria, contributing to the bad smell.

The spray’s effectiveness is based on this mechanism. Dry feet will rarely give you a problem with a bad smell.

Features Rocket Pure Foot Odor Spray

  • Powerful
  • It kills bacteria
  • For feet, gym bags and shoes
  • Natural and safe
  • Great customer service
  • It only masks shoe smell.



The contents are mainly natural essential oils. The main components are Eucalyptus and Peppermint, meaning your safety is guaranteed.

The mild scent you will experience the whole day in your shoes is from the natural components.

The scent remains fresh for a long time if you don’t engage in other activities.

There is no need to keep changing sprays or buying lots of them.

The 120ml bottle lasts you for several months.

While it depends on the frequency of use, the spray is strong enough to last you for 8 months.

No danger!

First-timers tend to spray lots of it because of the desperation to lose the odor.

It is understandable, but by the second or third time, you will be familiar with the spray’s contents and how many times you need to press.

In most cases, spraying your feet once will keep you all day.

With RocketPure, it is not about the quantity but quality.

RocketPure Foot Odor Spray Review
RocketPure Foot Odor Spray Review

However, there is no harm in spraying lots of the contents in your shoes or feet.

The spray dries quickly compared to any other foot odor spray. Besides, the effect will be the same unless you want 48-hour protection.

The daily therapy is based on the assumption you will go to the shower within 24 hours.

If you are traveling for long, in an unfamiliar location, or for some other reason, you will be in shoes for more hours. The spray guarantees you freshness for all that time.


The spray is suitable for sneakers, heels, boots, running shoes, bags, leather shoes, gym bags, and any form of sports gear that requires constant freshness.

Some people use it on car fabric for freshness. There are no limitations to the mechanism of this foot odor spray. The name is only for identifying and categorizing purposes in the market.

But don’t use it on clothes, it will work but may not be appropriate.


The manufacturer offers a 5-month warranty, which signifies its quality.

If for some reason the product does not work as per the stated functions on the package or advertisement, the manufacturer guarantees you a replacement or full refund basing on your preference.

Also, the spray should last you at least 8 months, even if you use it extravagantly.

If it doesn’t, and you are dissatisfied with the content, the manufacturer is ready to offer compensation based on the terms of the sale at the time of purchase.

RocketPure Foot Odor Spray Review
RocketPure Foot Odor Spray Review


After all branding and fresh smell, all you need is results.

The RocketPure model is nothing less of the functions stated in the product.

The food odor spray not only ensures you have a fresh smell throughout the day but also keeps your feet dry.

It is more of a preventive technique; even if the freshness fades and your feet don’t have any sweet scent, they will be dry hence the low likelihood of odors.

You will be safe from foot odors between the spraying intervals.
RocketPure foot odor spray offers the best solution for smelly feet.

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