Shoe Odor Ball Target
Shoe Odor Ball Target

These Shoe Odor Balls will eliminate odors from your shoes, giving them a fresh, clean odor that’ll provide your old boots a new lease on life.

You were designed to be utilized not only on shoes but also in gym bags, gym lockers, and even your baths.

These Shoe Odor Balls Target are one of the best foot smell removes around.

Type and Content Shoe Odor Ball Target

These deodorizers for boots are not a powder or a spray, but balls that you’ll place in your boot to release its potent deodorant and remove those nasty odors your gym boots works boots or any other boots might give off.

The boot deodorizer balls are made to remove not only the smells from your boots but also the germs that lead directly to smelly boots.

Shoe Odor Ball Target 2020
Shoe Odor Ball Target 2020

They’re small in design, round, and capable of being placed in too tight spaces such as the inside of your boots.

When you use the fast twist-action, you’ll open the balls and release the perfume into your cleats.

The specially formulated scent permeates through the boot, freshening it and removing odors immediately.

This smell eliminator for boots in a mere 1.5” in diameter and will adjust any sort of boot, including children’s boots.

Its efficacy is up to 180 days and it’ll last up to 2100hrs after being activated.

They come in several different colors to suit your style and closet and are available to purchase in three packs or simply purchase one pair at a time.


  • Small and versatile
  • Long-lasting
  • Eliminates bacteria


  • Expensive

Final words

The Shoe Odor Balls Target is made to remove the stink associated with professional cleats, as well as other sorts of boots.

They can also be utilized to freshen up your gym locker, bag, or even your bath.

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