Skechers Odor Eliminator Reviews
Skechers Odor Eliminator Reviews

Keep your shoes deodorized and fresh with the official SKECHERS shoe care odor eliminator spray.

Mainly formulated to keep Skecher’s shoes feeling and smelling new. 6oz. Spray bottle.

Features Skechers Odor Eliminator Reviews

  • Mainly formulated to deodorize and freshen Skechers footwear
  • For extremely dirty insoles, spray generously, then scrub with a nylon brush
  • Spray generously and permit it to dry thoroughly before using
  • Wipe away excess moisture and dirt with a dry, clean cloth
  • Eco-friendly formula

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How to wash Stinky Skechers

Those Skechers are in remarkable condition, but the smell is overwhelming.

With all the running, walking, hiking, and other outdoor and indoor activities, feet can sweat and cause smells.

When not on someone’s feet, they can stink up the full closet.

Throwing Skechers in the washer is not a choice because the machine can destroy the shoes and ruin the machine.

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Luckily there are other choices for washing your Skechers.

Step 1

Begin with a sink full of chill water for suede or non-leather Skechers.

Step 2

Add a little size dollop of safe, non-bleach detergent onto the bag.

Detergent makes a lot of soap suds, so begin with a pretty amount and include more if necessary.

Step 3

Scrub the shoes with the rag and chill water

Step 4

Let them air dry overnight or longer if required

Step 5

Stuff newspaper in the shoes or add baking soda in the soles to help snuff out smells.


You can also locate non-leather shoes in the freezer overnight, as the chill will stop any bacteria from growing in the shoes and get rid of smells.

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Putting shoes in the dryer will damage the sneakers because of the heat.

Leave them out to dry naturally.

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